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Samaquias Isai Lorta - CV


  • 2017 dBs Music Berlin, Music Production and Electronic Performance B.A.

  • 2010 - 2013 Boise State University. Cello Performance and Music Composition (incomplete)

  • 2007 - 2010 Caldwell High School, Diploma

Work Experience

  • 06/2010 - 06/2013 Boise State University Summer Music Camp Instructor Boise, ID

  • 08/2010 - 11/2016 Timberline High School Color Guard Instructor Boise, ID

  • 08/2010 - present Freelance Cello Teacher USA, Nicaragua, Germany

  • 12/2014 - 04/2015 Casa de la Cultura Music Teacher San Carlos, Nicaragua


  • 5/2013 - 10/2013 Boise State Blue Thunder Marching Band Assistant Choreographer Boise, ID

  • 11/2014 - 04/2015 One, Two, … Tree English Teacher Diriamba, Nicaragua

  • 3/2015 - 4/2015 Lost & Found Hostel Bartender Hornito, Panama

  • 2018 Mira Digital Art Festival Artists Hospitality Berlin, Germany

  • 2018 ISM Hexadome Installation Sound assistant and stagehand Berlin, Germany

  • 2018 Ableton Loop Music Convention Artist Transportation Berlin, Germany

  • 2018 Most Wanted: Music Conference VR Support, Blogger Berlin, Germany


  • 2009 1st place Cello Soloist at DIII Idaho State Competition; 1st place Color Guard at DIII Marching Competition (performer)

  • 2010 Seattle Heritage Competition Outstanding Solo Cellist; Seattle Cascades Drum Corp Color Guard Member

  • Semi-Finalist Indianapolis, IN; Non-Formal Freshman Cello Recital

  • 2011 Seattle Cascades Drum Corp Color Guard Member Semi-Finalist Indianapolis, IN; 2nd Place Boise State String Quartet

  • Competition; 1st Place Color Guard Timberline High School (instructor); Non-Formal Sophomore Cello Recital

  • 2012 2nd Place Boise State String Quartet Competition; Cellist with Boise Philharmonic Orchestra Mahler Symphony No. 2

  • 2013 Formal Solo Cello Recital Boise, ID

  • 2014 Chicago Cavaliers Drum Corp Color Guard Member finalist Indianapolis, IN

  • 2016 Timberline High School undefeated Northwest Color Guard (instructor)

  • 2017 Composer for documentary “Das Areal” in Leipzig, Germany

  • 2018 “Floret Luster” Original composition and electronic performance depicting Sawtooth Wilderness Wildflowers Stanley, ID; Electronic acoustic opening performance for World Village Festival Boise, ID; Mexican Independence Day reception performance Mexican Consulate Boise, ID


  • Performance art shows composed, arranged, and compiled by myself in Boise, ID; Leipzig, Germany

  • Composition and Music Productions in Boquete, Panama; Akureyri, Iceland; Berlin, Germany; San Gil/Bogota, Colombia

  • Collaborative Sound and Visual with Argentinian producer Emme Moises Berlin, Germany

  • Collaborative Sound and Visual Performance with Seattle Based producer Elliot Jensen Leipzig, Germany

  • Radio Host for Etekitt Radio “Frontier” Includes original compositions and performances Berlin, Germany


  • 2014 The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corp - $1070


  • 2015 Central America Travels - $514

  • 2017 European Studies - $3470



  • Eric Maltz +34654732529

  • Jose Rodriguez +12088329337

  • Brian Hodges +12084264861

  • Eliad Wagner +493029009052


“On an early morning, on a busy street, right before the world wakes up there is vast silence. As dawn approaches the birds start to wake, followed by distant footstep and then passing cars. Eventually the sun is high and sounds of children laughing, trains rushing by, dogs barking... create a sonic symphony. In a larger scale, this morning is always happening someplace somewhere with endless types of streets, Straße, calles, ruas, 街道, etc that house diverse sonic catalysts that shape them.”

Through a nomadic lifestyle and interdisciplinary submersion in the arts I have developed a vision of challenging traditional and modern performance techniques by creating works that incorporate electronic acoustic instruments, sound design through field recordings, visual animation through photography, and use of computer programming languages such as MAX/MSP. I start from silence and I pull out sounds I have gathered from all over the world to depict a change in sonic perception. Where timbres grow in and out of each other while tonal centers fit the musical structures of our traditional past.

Samaquias continues to engage music with an academic approach influenced by his young start to a professional career as a teacher of cello, music composition, and dance in countries such as the USA, Nicaragua, Colombia, Austria, and Germany. This translates directly to his goal of combining traditional music and electronic music during a performance setting.

Because of the environmental influences of living in a highland mountain dessert, being raised in a small Mexican immigrant town, and spending a large amount of time traveling abroad within nature influenced communities there is a folktronica influence to his performances that reflect that importance of nature in our community and personable well being. There is a strong understanding of harmonic control and development in the ambiances that he creates which enables him to bring tension, anger, beauty, spirituality and a vast array of emotions while keeping field recordings at the forefront of the sonic experience.

Collaborations both as a composer and performer include productions with Argentinian producer Emme Moises, Brazilian multimedia artist Gabriel Strobel, Elliot Duke, Boise Philharmonic, Boise State University String Quartet, dBs Music Berlin, etc while he has also contributed services to Mira Digital Arts Festival, ISM Hexadome Installation, Ableton Loop Music Conference, Music: Most Wanted Music Industry Conference, and CTM Experimental Music Festival.

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