“It went from sounding like I was traversing through a digital jungle, cutting down long strands of terabyte grass with a machete and trying not to get killed by firewall bugs to listening to what I can only describe as fine art in sound-wave form” – Autumn Bradford

Initially this started out as an electronic accompaniment to a cello solo that I performed in Leipzig with the rhythm developed by taking a loop of afro-maraca beats and then doing what I call audio wave surgery, …. slicing and dicing various small hand-held percussion instruments and fitting them to this beat. Finding the right bass and kick to use was difficult because I wanted the sound of a voice giving an “Om” like effect combined with strong accents on the down-beat of each measure. Listen for when the Sub-Bass is added, this moment gives momentum to the Andes Folk-like melody given to various panpipes and flute instruments. The original version didn’t have this melody but I am glad that I revisited this work later down the road. After lots of traveling and experiencing friendship during my first summer in Germany I was able to find a sense of how I wanted the form to be developed in this work. There are some moments in the first have that seem stagnate but this is intentional as the climax fully resolves this feeling of uncertainty.


On a random late night walk home through Clara Park in Leipzig I encountered loud frogs filling the lakes and nearby grassland. I started recording the audio with my cell phone realizing how I wanted these frogs to ribbit themselves into the tribal percussion filled intro. The audio of animals were taken from various FX sites and each one representing a person in my life that, at the time, filled my with memories with friendship. Using the Tambourine to narrate the characters and phrases combined with a spring reverb slap-back effect to sound like the opening of air, gives each entrance surprise and fluidity.

The second half starts with the blending of audio I recorded of cows with bells in the Alp of Austria during a mountain summit. Slowly adding a filter gate that creates a delicate use of time and momentum to voice audio of a dear friend and I swimming at a lake on my 25th Birthday. It was random but meant so much to me, how do I incorporate completely different harmonies and time (Banjo and solo Voice) with what I am already working with? Somehow I managed to find the correct amount of pulsating fluttering with MIDI harp and guitar panning from left to right. The animals resurface while a choir is added giving an epic cinematic lift into music heaven and bliss.


There is something to say about patience with compositions and space from your creative ideas that might change something from mediocre to something that is unique and full of holistic development. The environment, memories, surrounding friends and people really fill my life with abundant purpose and a track like this keeps me remembering what is important to me. Hope you all is enjoy.

– Samaquias Lorta